Female Waxing- Prices


Facial Waxing- Hot wax only                  

Price from


Earlobes  £6
Upper lip  £6
Chin  £7
Part of neck  £8
Full neck  £15
Sides of face  £10
Cheekbones   £10
Hairline (forehead)  £10
Fullface (exc brows)  £25


Upper body waxing-Combination of strip and hotwax

 Prices From

Underarms (hotwax)

Forearms inc elbow  £18
Forearms inc elbows and hands (hotwax and strip wax)  £15
Full arms inc hands  £25
Hands only  £7
Small of back only  £10
Full back  £25
Navel line (hotwax)  £7
Full stomach  £15
Nipples (around areola- hot wax)        £10

Lower body waxing                                  

Prices From

Lower leg inc knees and feet

Upper legs inc feet  £25
3/4 leg inc knees and feet  £30
Full leg inc knees and feet  £35
Full leg inc feet plus basic bikini line  £42
Back of thighs only  £12
Feet only  £7


Extreme brazilian waxing - using hot wax only 

Prices from

Basic Bikini (outside knicker line)


High Bikini (High sides, bottom and top)-High at the sides enabling you to wear a high cut swimsuit. Hair is removed closely to the inner thighs and more thoroughly underneath as well as a tidy up of the bottom part of the 'cheeks' if required.


The G-string(High sides, top and butt crack) This is a thorough wax where the hair is tapered and blended in very closely all the way along the outside of the labia but not removed completely. This results in a slightly more natural look than a Brazilian. Hair is also removed from the buttock cheeks and crack.

Brazillian(landing strip left on pubic mound, inner/outer labia, butt crack, buttocks if needed)  £40
Hollywood all off back to front ( inner /outer labia, all pubic hair, butt crack,  buttocks if needed)   £45
Ibiza (butt crack only)   £20
Buttocks only (strip wax)   £20
Buttocks and butt crack  £30

Payment Methods

I accept cash payments only. Unfortunately I am unable to accept credit/debit card or Cheque payments at this time.  

Cancellation Policy

A 24 hour notice period is required to cancel any booking without being charged. The full cost of the treatment will be payable if you fail to give adequate notice. 



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