Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Shiroabhyanga (Seated ayurvedic head, neck and arm massage)

Tri-dosha ayurvedic head massage – a nourishing and de-stressing head, neck and arm massage that releases deep-seated muscular tension. Additionally the natural ayurvedic oils nourish the scalp, promoting hair growth. Helps to alleviate stress and migraine. This massage is carried out in a seated position.

Good for: Stress, migraines, headaches.

Duration: 30 mins 

Marma Abhyanga with Shiroabhyanga  (Ayurvedic full body energy flow massage)

Tri-dosha full body energy flow massage – an ancient therapy using warmed oils and combining marma point massage with yogic stretches to the joints. This therapy re-establishes healthy flow of energy through the body’s junctions and nadis (pathways and channels).

Good for: Release of stress and anxiety,detoxification, fatigue, deep relaxation, improving skin condition, relieving pain. 

Duration: 80 mins

Also available as a 60 minute abhyanga treatment  without the shiroabhyanga

Marma Abhyanga snanam(Ayurvedic Full body energy flow massage with herbal steaming)

Tri-dosha full body energy flow massage and cleanse –This massage is the same as the marma abhyanga  above , but the treatment includes steaming the body with herbally-infused hot towels, and cleansing with a traditional ayurvedic bath powder, commonly known as snanam.

Duration:  Upto 2 hours

*For best results a course of 3 treatments are recommended over 3 weeks

Peetaabhyanga (Ayurvedic Back massage)

Tri-dosha ayurvedic back massage – designed to awaken your metabolism and improve circulation. It combines pressure point massage with the rhythmic sweeping application of warming oils. Ideal for nourishment to the tissues

Good for: back ache, muscle tension.

Duration 30 mins

Padaabhyanga(Ayurvedic lower leg and foot massage)

Tri-dosha lower leg and foot massage – a traditional ayurvedic relaxing foot treatment where individualised oils are massaged into the lower leg and feet using Ayurvedic deep pressure techniques.Feet are a very important part of our body, as many nerves from many organs terminate in the feet. Massage helps to strengthen these nerves and restore health to many parts of the body.followed by manipulating marma point massage of the sole of the foot using deep pressure techniques. Padabhyanga also harmonises the body by releasing blocked energy.  

Good for: Blood circulation, reduces swelling, 'dead' leg, before or after a flight, mums to be, general overall wellbeing and relaxation

Duration: 30 mins

A foot ritual can also be incoporated in above treatment. This involves soaking of the feet, followed by cleanse and exfoliation of the feet before beginning the massage treatment.

Duration: 45mins

Agadhi Dhatu Abhyanga (Ayurvedic deep tissue massage) 

Tri-dosha deep tissue massage – traditionally practised using feet, rather than hands, tri-dosha's evolution of the therapy delivers one of the deepest yet most subtle massage therapies. Your body is doused in warm oil and the therapist uses a variety of palming, kneading, and pressure moves to reach deep within the muscles really attacking deep-seated tension and stress.

Good for: unlocking really deep-seated tension and stress including muscle spasm and back tension. Deeply stress relieving

Duration: 60 mins

Param Artha Satya the ultimate tri-dosha ayurvedic experience (Ayurvedic full body massage combined with a face massage and shirodhara )                                   

Tri-dosha ultimate ayurvedic experience –This ritual includes an ayurvedic full body massage(marmabhyanga) combined with an ayurvedic facial massage (Mukhabhyanga) followed by the sacred therapy of Shirodhara, relaxing your body and liberating your mind.

Good for: lifting your mental state, freeing your thoughts and creating clarity of vision.

Duration: 180 mins

Meditation Therapy

Shirodhara (Ayurvedic forehead warm oil flow massage treatment)          

Warm blended oil is gently poured in a slow rhythmic movement over the forehead marma (vital) shirodharapoint also known as the third eye. Profoundly relaxing, this treatment works to switch off a chattering mind and induce deep rest for a renewed energy and calm that borders meditation.

Good for: relieving stress, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, fatigue and  improvement of hair conditions

Duration: 30mins

Can be combined with the ayurvedic facial massage.       

Duration: 75mins

* Best taken as a course of 6 treatments once a week

* Book a course of 6 treatments and get one treatment free

















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