Holistic Massage

History of massage

For thousands of years and throughout history, the laying on of hands or massage has been practiced to bring comfort, relaxation and relief. There are different forms of massage in almost every culture massage can be dated back to 1800 BC in India and BC in China.A Swedish Body Massage or Full Body Massage is the movement and manipulation of the muscles and soft body tissues. The hands, thumbs fingers and sometimes even the elbows are used by the therapist to apply pressure to the muscles of the body to help general aches and pains and help you relax and allow muscles to unwind

It is a very relaxing treatment. I will be ask throughout your therapy if the pressure used is comfortable, as massage should not be a demonstration or endurance of pain thresholds so if anything feels uncomfortable please say.

The process begins in an in depth individual personal consultation to establish why treatment is being sought, this usually takes around 15 minutes and the massage itself depending on your requirements can take between 30 minutes and and  90 minutes to complete. 

The Benefits of Massage. 

It relaxes the mind as well as the body.

It can have an uplifting effect or a relaxing effect dependent on the client’s needs and preferences.

It increases Blood and Lymphatic circulation of the body, making the body work more efficiently.

It can help relieve tight muscles

It can help relieve stiff muscles and also improve mobility of joints of the body.

Regular treatments can encourage improved sleeping patterns.

It can aid the digestive process, again helping the body function more effectively

It can also improve the appearance and function of the skin.

It makes you feel good and improves feelings of well-being. 

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