What is the holistic approach?

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The term ‘holistic’ is taken from the Greek word HOLOS meaning whole. Therefore the holistic approach involves seeing the body as an integrated organism of many parts each of which must operate accurately if the others are to do their job.

The three aspects involved in the holistic approach are the:-

Mind  :the inhibition of emotions, such as anger or unhappiness can lead to stress and anxiety

Body : involve physical increase in bodily tension. The bodily tension is then shown as chronic muscle tension, which is a main cause of headaches, back pain etc. which  

Spirit :can then lead to a feeling of sadness and helplessness

The holistic approach encourages you to accept responsibility for your own conditions and to direct your energies to help with the healing process. The more you are aware of yourself and  your own feelings the more successful the treatment will be. 
As practitioners we do not cure a person or condition, we assist in the healing process which enables the reinstatement of energy circulation through the holistic treatment and the natural relaxation it provides.


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